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Positive Fitness SGX Training @ Norton Common, Letchworth

This event takes place Thursday 12th September at 7:00pm - 8:00pm.

Located at Avenue Park .

Event Details

positive fitness

Positive Fitness SGX Training is a group-based training programme designed around Spartan SGX Training. Positive Fitness will help improve your fitness, technique, skills and experience for an Obstacle Course Race, also known as OCR.

OCR training is not just for those looking to prepare for a race, if you have tenacity, enthusiasm and a positive attitude and wanting to take your training to the next level then this is for you.

With qualified Spartan SGX coaches and Level 3 Personal Trainers to help you gain the fitness & confidence to take part in an OCR, you will have fun getting OCR ready and will be strides in front of the rest in the field.


Spartan training is designed to push your fitness levels and help you reach the ultimate goal. Classes can vary from timed Benchmarks, HIIT sessions and Circuit type sessions. Some of the workouts are don’t individually and some are done in teams or pairs to allow you to really to get to know your fellow Spartans